$440 Round Trip Flight LAX to CDG

Most roundtrip flights I found from Los Angeles to Paris were $800+ after months of searching. So how did I find my plane ticket for $440?

Lots of research, but one site in particular really took the cake! TravelPirates!!!



TravelPirates (Founded in 2011) sets its “crew members” out to find any pricing errors that airlines and booking sites may accidentally let loose into the world. They also implore its many subscribers to book any wonderfully priced flights they find, then share it with the rest of us TravelPirates instead of contacting the companies to see if it’s a pricing error. This gives us time to pillage and plunder the many treasures the world has to offer via great savings on travel!

When you subscribe to TravelPirates, they send their great findings straight your inbox. I also followed them on Facebook to make sure I didn’t miss out!


I booked a British Airways flight operated by American Airlines through Priceline round trip from Los Angeles to Paris during the time I had been coveting for $440! Thank you, TravelPirates!


Along the way, I also used the following sites to research flight prices:


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