Solvang, the Adorable Village

I did it! My first solo trip (which was only 3 hours away, BUT STILL)! … Though, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t actually alone, I had my trusty sidekick Addie the pup with me.

We drove through over the mountains and through the (Los Padres National Forest) woods. It was absolutely beautiful, and we took our time taking in the scenery.

Smelled the ocean, felt the wind, tasted the treats that were packed away for us.

The Danish Village was very charming and bustling with visitors. The bakeries invited us in, the antique shops wove tales of old, leather and glass shops  revealed such talents, families riding down the streets in horse-drawn carriages, it was wonderful! It reminded me of Beauty and the Beast as Belle took her stroll through the “Poor Provincial Town”.

We ate dinner at a cute restaurant called Succulent Cafe which next to one of the village’s windmills. The sunset was superb as we sat on their patio with a soft blanket they provided me for comfort. It was the first time I ate biscuits with honey, and now I’ll never have them any other way!


I wish I’d tried more of the wines during my stay, but the wines our wonderful waiter, Errol (from New Orleans) brought us were perfect.

Addie and I stayed in one of their many dog-friendly hotels and set out early the next morning to catch pictures of the sunrise over their quaint buildings. Unfortunately, it rained, BUT we still had the run of the town before the rest of the many visitors started their day.

Solvang, Ca

Before we headed home, we collected some little gifts for family and I grabbed a postcard for myself. A friend of mine once sent me a Pinterest Picture of a small booklet of postcards that someone mailed to their self during their travels. This Postcard will be the first of many I hope to send home.

I hope to come back to Solvang with family during Christmas time when all of their festive decorations are up to spread holiday cheer.

I will always carry these memories and this experience with me.


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